The “Splatter Zone”

Where do you want to sit when the heads start to roll, the arms and limbs go flying and the blood starts gushing?  The only place to be is in the first four rows of the center orchestra of The Randolph Theatre, otherwise infamously known as Evil Dead-The Musical’s ”Splatter Zone.”

It’s here where the audience gets soaked with a shower of blood and true fans of Evil Dead-The Musical “kill” to get those highly coveted up-close and-seriously personal seats.  During the original Toronto and off-Broadway runs, the so-called “Dead-ites” would line up for hours for the privilege of getting drenched with gore from all the onstage mayhem.

And if you’re gonna sit in “The Splatter Zone,” be sure to wear white clothing so when the curtain rings down at the end of the performance you can proudly show off your blood-stained self to the disbelieving looks of the rest of the less-brave audience! Otherwise, “Splatter Zone” theatregoers can wear ponchos available for sale at the merchandise table, but most people decide to go au naturel.

As The Toronto Star declared Evil Dead-The Musical “is bigger, brassier, and bloodier than before” (Oct. 27, 2013).”  Need more convincing?  Double dare you?! To quote  “if you think Sweeney Todd is for sissies; you need to see Evil Dead-The Musical!”

“Bottom line: Put on your Evil Dead tee-shirt and go!” (The Hollywood Reporter)